I like my new sweater

Patty le bichonne is a bichon dog in KiPpa group. She is amiable, cute and friendly.


  • She first appared in Animated shorts in season 2, A new member!
  • Unfourtantley, her name need to be Patty La Bichonne, because Bichonne is at femminine. This maybe not counting so much
  • She appared in season 8 in reality-seasons
  • She was cruely messing her face by Elenore and dressed in balck and goes away.
  • Elenore hates her, but treptadley likes her
  • Her tail is in curly front
  • Her favourite color is white, she said in Kippa times, and started to say her best friend is Teddy.
  • Her owner is unknown
  • Patty likes fried cheese, like in Kippa times

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